New Creation

My hope is that as people add their colour to the artwork on this page, they will stop to reflect for a time on how amazing it is that in Christ, we are re-made! The butterfly is symbolic of this transformation – one creature becomes a new, much more beautiful one!

I have had the joy of being in a Bible study group for a few years with a lovely woman. A little while after I met her, she described herself and her life to me before she came to know the forgiveness and change that comes from knowing Jesus. Her story was riddled with broken relationships, guilt, lies and deep sadness. Having only known her from our Bible study group, and for only a short time, I almost didn’t believe what she told me. My friend talked about the transformation that took place as she understood grace and as she laid the guilt and sin of her past at the foot of the cross. She found total, life re-defining, joy-giving, soul-renewing newness in Christ. In Christ, she delights in reading God’s Word and does so diligently. In Christ, she is patient and faithful and seeks God’s will so prayerfully. Her old self has gone and the new one is here to stay. When I was drawing this verse, her story was in my mind and I thanked God for the renewing, changing work he does in each person who comes with a heart soft to be changed.