Everything Beautiful

You don’t have to be a pessimist to realise that things are not always beautiful as we live this life ‘under the sun’. There is a massive amount of ugly, violent and hateful stuff that goes on, and it can feel simply overwhelming, even for an optimist like me! However, the sweet hope which comes from knowing that God will put things right in time – His time – and turn this messed up world into something beautiful again, is a great comfort to me. When I see things that are beautiful around me now, I can think to the greater, lasting, complete beauty that is promised, and thank God all the more. The designs around this verse are the kind I love to do with henna. They flow out of my pen easily and I find it calming to draw this way. I’d love to henna this verse on the heart of women who struggle to see beauty in themselves and in the everyday tasks of life, as a way of reminding them of God’s restoring, beautifying plan, a plan that is already accomplished in part, and one day will be accomplished in full.