Beautiful Bible Verses for Meditative Colouring

Lorien creates rich and elaborately detailed artworks for colouring, based around verses of Scripture. 



Find Lorien's colouring books, the
best-selling Meditations, its sister publication, Reflections, plus bookmarks, postcards and Christmas cards.


Above everything else, Lorien's aim for her artwork is to foster worship and the knowledge of God through the words of the Scriptures. 


We love seeing the different ways people colour Lorien's designs. Each one is different: a testament to the varied creativity God has blessed each one of us with. 



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Bible colouring Journal and Year Planner

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Looking for the most beautiful Journal and Year Planner? Ours is out now, and we’re super excited about how gorgeous it is. Here are some of its features:

  • A5 size, spiral bound, on good quality 100gsm paper

  • Weekly spreads to keep track of your day to day

  • Monthly planning pages, and monthly review pages

  • Ten original Beautiful Bible Colouring designs by Lorien Jane

  • Glorious colouring snippets of art throughout

  • ‘Growth and Life’ theme, Bible verses, and plenty of room for you to write prayer points and gratitude notes.

  • Flexible ‘Adventure’ pages for you to keep track of what’s relevant to you - or simply to journal in.

  • Undated journal means you can start when you like, and stop when you like. You write the dates in as you go. (It’s better for the environment too.)

  • Glossy 300 gsm card back and front covers to keep the journal safe and sound as you use it


Colouring books and cards


Lorien's first colouring book, Meditations, was published by Firewheel Press and was a best-seller out of the gate. Reflections, the second book has more of Lorien's rich, detailed designs. Since then, we've added our 'Slow Food for the Soul' series of colouring devotional books, with prayers, prompts and of course, colouring, to focus you on the Bible passage.

All our physical books come with a free download of all designs, and can be reprinted for personal use.

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Curious about how a colouring devotional works?
Download this free sample of our 'Slow Food for the Soul' series for you or your group today.

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Lorien is a wife, mum and compulsive doodler from Australia. She grew up surrounded by the rich design elements of South Asia and the Middle East and the tradition of mehndi or henna decoration, which has influenced her drawing style and patterns. Lorien loves to play with colour and create intricate designs on any blank surface that will stay still long enough.

Lorien has long been passionate about using creative methods to reflect and meditate on God's word and encouraging others who also wish to do so. It is her hope that many people will use her work to worship God and meditate on his truth.

If you use these resources and enjoy them, there are ways you can share your art and stories. You can do this on our facebook page 'Colouring in Truth' or on Instagram using the hashtags #colouringthetruth and #lorienillustrations. Lorien would love to hear about how and where these resources are being used.
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