Do not be anxious

This design should keep you busy for a while! When I was deciding which verse to put with this design (also used for the cover), I wanted to choose one that would be helpful to meditate on over a long period of time. The message of Philippians 4:6 is something I need to be reminded of constantly!

Since I started illustrating scripture outside the private confines of my own journal, I have heard stories of people for whom colouring is a tool to help manage anxiety, by promoting mindfulness, focusing on one thing at a time, and making the lovely repetitive motion of moving pen or pencil over paper. It’s creative, but without the pressure of a blank page staring back at you when you start. I’ve also heard from people for whom this method of Scripture meditation is one of the few ways they can focus on Scripture in a sustained way without feeling anxious or overwhelmed. I wanted this book to contain passages that point colourers towards God – our refuge, a safe place, strong and big enough to handle our anxieties when we cast them on him. Maybe as you colour this one, you could spend the time in prayer, giving your anxieties to God, and, as your hands are creatively occupied, letting your heart rest a while in his care.