Turning the page

I feel like New Year's Day is kind of like a page turning over. It's the same book, a day really not that different from the ones before, yet there is something about the way that God has made us, that makes us want to mark time, to number our days, to celebrate the turnings and revolvings of our lives. I love to celebrate life at every opportunity built into our time-marking calendar - each day a gift that we're not entitled to, a breath in the morning given by grace, another moment with those we love. Because these things are not guaranteed and we have no clue really what the next day, or even our next minute will hold. Life is too short and uncertain to skip the celebration, even if it's just a quiet 'thank-you' to God as we launch into another day. Or year.

This past year has been one of the most surprising, delightful, stretching, exhausting years of my life so far. And as there is no chance that time will cut me some slack and stop for a bit so I can catch my breath, I feel like I'm hurtling into this next year already tired, but hopeful and buzzing with all the possibilities of things to come. 2016 could very well top 2015 in it's stretching, exhausting-ness as I draw another book (or two), navigate the obstacle course that is parenthood and support my husband through a PhD, while preparing our family to move overseas. We hope to work in West Asia alongside other believers amongst people seeking asylum from various Middle Eastern conflict areas. Click here to send me an email if you'd like to know more about this work, or chat about how you can be involved. We are gathering together a partnership team at the moment and hope to leave in the second half of this year.

So there's a lot of uncertainty about what I'll find when the pages of this year start flipping. The wonderfully comforting thing is that I know God has already got those pages written. I can walk through the story one day at a time - it won't always be easy - but I am confident that the ending will be glorious and that if nothing else, the journey won't be dull.