No Fear in Love

This verse is particularly significant to a friend of mine. She writes: “It took me a long time to become a Christian – about two years of investigating. One night, sitting under the stars at a camp, one of my youth leaders shared this verse with me. It really spoke to me as a fiercely independent seventeen year-old who didn’t want to hand my life over to someone else. I realised that when that someone else loves you perfectly, there is nothing to fear. My life is safe for eternity. Now I am preparing to leave for Japan as a missionary and when people ask me why I’d choose to take my kids out of Australia into a different culture, I come back to this verse. There are many things to be worried about when moving overseas, but if I trust my life to a God who is perfect in love, then shouldn’t I trust him with my kids? I do not need to fear for them when the God who made them loves them even more than I do.”