I love singing. It's probably my absolute favourite way of praising God. This was a really fun design to draw because the shapes of instruments are already so beautiful, and it was an enjoyable challenge to fill in their outlines with intricate design.

Apart from being steadfast in love and completely just, isn't it wonderful that we have a God who was so generous in giving us the ability to make and enjoy music! He created us so that we are moved by music - it touches our hearts and emotions in an unique way, and so that we can all participate in it - whether you can sing in tune or not, play an instrument well or not, you can clap your hands, tap a spoon on a saucepan,  sway a little, or twirl around joyfully in exuberant dance. Maybe as you colour this one, you can listen to music that helps you lift your voice and your heart in musical worship to God.